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MarkPlus Center public-services

MarkPlus Center for Public Services is a professional platform that connects government officials and the public to develop an improve public trust and to market Indonesia to the world. The first weekly gathering was initiated on May 22, 2015 featuring the Mayor of Pontianak.


MarkPlus Center resources-infrastructure-and-utilities

MarkPlus Center for Resources, Infrastructure & Utilities is a knowledge forum for all resources, infrastructure, and utilities business industry stakeholders and marketing enthusiasts, its facilities and connects all industry players, industry association and concerned market experts to discuss specific topics related to actual challenges faced by the industry.



MarkPlus Center automotive-and-transportation

MarkPlus Center for Automotive & Transportation is professional center that addresses the challenges and improves the capabilities of automotive and transportation players in Indonesia.

One of the center regular event is Indonesia transportation forum it is a gathering that connects the ministry of transportation with all stakeholders both state-owned enterprise, private companies, and associations working in the field of transportation


MarkPlus Center financial-services

MarkPlus Center for Financial Services committed to driving economic growth through better business productivity and creativity. Providing learning, research and advisory, the center actively engages business society with series of events, publications, and community activities, also connects policy makers, industry leaders, and influencers in shaping industry agendas.

It was inaugurated on May 25, 2015 in Jakarta by the Minister of National Development Planning Andrinof Chaniago.



MarkPlus Center retail-and-consumer

MarkPlus Center for Retail & Consumer is a professional center for retail and consumer industry players to strengthen their position in the market. It facilitates and connects companies, both state-owned enterprise and private companies, and the industry associations to discuss specific industry challenges.


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